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Co-Founder and creative director of Show Love, Social Content for Lovable Companies, creating documentary video stories for companies and organizations that are one or more of the following: sustainable, problem-solving, community building, soulful, innovative, or uniquely creative.

10+ years working in and around ad agencies as an ethnographer and insights expert, then planner / brand strategist.

Founded and curated What Women Make (2010) focusing on female industrial designers around the world including an exhibit of 10 notable female designers and artists from 6 countries at the London Design Festival, and way before that, Webby nominated early trend and insights blog, Girl on the street (1999) about young female creators and entrepreneurs, featuring our international ‘secret santa’ of crafts swapped around the world among the network.

Sometimes Public Speaker / Teacher

Writer of non-fiction and fiction

Mother of twin girls.

Lived lives in Paris and Biarritz, Barcelona, Miami, mostly New York City though currently Beaufort, South Carolina.